Recreational Value

The recreational value and opportunities on this ranch are immense. The irrigated land lies contiguous to the river bottom for approximately two miles along the ranch’s north border. This river bottom is home to an excellent population of mule deer, and whitetail deer, waterfowl, pheasant, wild turkey and small game. Moose have also been seen on the ranch. The entire south boundary adjoins a huge block of lightly utilized public land, with somewhere in excess of 1,000 square miles of contiguous public land. This area abounds with pronghorn antelope, mule deer, small game animals, sage grouse, and chukar partridge. The Greybull River is also known for its cutthroat, and big German brown trout. There are several springs on the ranch feeding ponds, which further enhance the tremendous recreational opportunities. The ranch offers an excellent opportunity for a recreational minded person to create their own fishing and hunting mecca. With the irrigated fields, well treed river bottom, springs, and excellent cover available, the planting of grain crops, and other preferred wildlife foods around the edge cover on the ranch would create a magnet for the already abundant wildlife.

The Greybull River Ranch offers you a unique blend of opportunities. Productive irrigated land, tremendous privacy, with excellent county maintained access, exceptional recreational amenities, great wildlife populations, and easy driving distance to supplies and services, with an almost new home, shop, and livestock facilities. A short drive east or west of the ranch offers you an even greater array of recreational possibilities, in the Absarokas and the Big Horn Mountains, with hunting, fishing, skiing, riding and hiking in one of the largest designated wilderness areas in the lower 48 states.

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